Quality Program

Quality Assurance Programs

TESG strives to achieve the highest level of quality performance in the value added services we deliver to our customers.  Quality is a critical element in ensuring that we provide excellent service and top performance consistently, not just one accidental time.  The quality management programs we institute allows us to not only meet but exceed exacting specifications and requirements of our clients: commercial, military and government.

Example: military dining and culinary quality assurance program

This quality assurance program provides policy, process, methods, procedures , and technical information on functions pertaining to ítems of subsistence, basic daily food allowance, menus, recipes, nutrition, food protection, environmental issues and military dining.


Example: commissary shelf stocking, RSHA, and custodial services

TESG institutes a continuous improvement process to achieve operational and service excellence.  The goal is to delight our customers in what we do.  The quality assurance process is embedded into our business processes.   In accordance with the Government’s requirements and specifications, TESG developed a Quality Assurance Inspection Program (QAIP) to provide Quality Assurance Inspector (QAI) a systematic means of observing, inspecting, and reporting on our performance.  As such, TESG’s quality control practices (process, procedures and methods) closely track and are aligned with the Government’s approach.  Using the QAIP as a guide, QAIs inspect the results of a TESG’s performance to determine if these results are IAW the contract standard.  QAI works in partnership with PM, Store Director and Contracting Officer to achieve sustained excellence in performance.